Waves of Change: A Story Beyond Language

Waves of Change

What characteristics define that nebulous character – the English-speaking-Quebecer?

Is it determined by history – the number of years/generations that your clan has lived in this territory? Is it about language? Are your Anglo-Québécois credentials strengthened by adding French-language skills, or diminished?  Who decides that you belong in Québec? Do you have to wait to be accepted, or can you make your own decision and stake your claim anytime you’re ready?

推荐几个网赌网站’s Waves of Change project takes a deep dive into the thorny question of identity and belonging in Quebec.

Project team: 

Project Manager: Guy Rex Rodgers
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Project Coordinator: Betty Esperanza
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Videographer: Youssef Shoufan
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Funded by the Secretariat for relations with English-speaking Quebecers